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Beard Grooming Tips

There are a few beard grooming tips that are important to know….


Below is a list of a couple videos and blog posts that absolutely hit the nail on the head.


Most men make the mistake of thinking that male grooming is common sense. And to be honest, it is a rather simple skill. But there are a few tricks to make you dashing…


Video's On Proper Technique


Blog Posts On Beard Grooming Tips


The male beard has been a testament to the heroic, sturdy and robust image of the man in almost all the civilizations. Growing beard was considered as a symbol of masculinity and self confidence in various countries. Still, many people take pride in maintaining their long beard and flaunting it as a sign of power and courage. And why not? Proper beard grooming can give your personality a touch of elegance and attractiveness. Moreover, long, bushy and wild unkempt facial hair is unhygienic and very repelling! Grooming a beard is not a very difficult skill, that can only be executed by an expert. In fact, you don't have to do anything to grow beard. It is the grooming part that needs to be practiced. With some dexterity and deft movements of your fingers, even you can achieve the perfect groomed beard and give new dimensions to your outward appearance. If you know, how to grow a beard, then you must be aware of some tips that can help you groom your beard.

Tips for Grooming Beard
Some of the prerequisites before grooming a beard are that you must properly clean the beard, before starting to groom it. Properly shampoo the beard (if it's too long!), or just wash your face with a soap (if your beard size is shorter). After doing this, let the beard dry for sometime. Ensure that the beard dries properly, as it may show shrinking effect if it remains wet. If it is wet, the facial hairs may show variance in size while trimming or grooming the beard. 

Beard Grooming Products
The tools that are a must requirement for grooming your beard are scissors and beard trimmers. Scissors that are used by the local barber can be handy in giving you a look of your choice. Barber's scissors are very effective in giving a close trim. If you have a better control over combs, but can't deftly work with scissors, then you can purchase a beard trimmer that can give you a better control and it is also very effective in trimming the beard to precision. The market is filled with shampoos that are meant specifically for washing the beard. You can use such products and groom your beards. Even beard massage oils are available to provide care for your beards.

Best Beard Grooming Tips To Follow
Following are some of the beard growing tips that one can follow to have a well shaped beard.

If you have a long beard, then it is necessary to keep it clean and tidy. Just as you take proper steps for hair care, you need to be vigilant in regularly shampooing and cleaning the beard. When you use a shampoo or conditioner, make sure that you properly apply it to the hair follicles in the beard and massage gently down the face in circular motion. This will help you clean your beard effectively and remove any dust or dirt that might have accumulated in it.

Many people ignore it, but drying the beard after washing is extremely crucial. Dry the beard with the help of a clean and dry towel. Don't press or rub the beard aggressively, as it may cause irritation or hurt the skin of the face. Dry it gently and with patience. 

You may be having problems of dandruff in your beard! Sounds a bit weird, but yes there are many beard lovers who are troubled with these problems. Use a proper conditioner depending on the type of your skin and hair. Keep applying them at least thrice a week. Make sure you don't over do facial skin care, but keep it balanced and avoid using too much of cosmetics.

You can occasionally massage your beard and the area around it by applying eucalyptus oil. Even olive oil is an excellent natural healer that strengthens the beard hair.

Trimming The Beard
Beard trimming balances the shape and size of your beard. Generally, it is advisable to use a trimmer at a setting of 1.5mm to 2.55mm that helps in getting a closer and nice trimmed beard. You can start trimming the border lines of your beard and give it a perfect look. Always move the beard trimmer vertically and ensure that you only trim the beard, just to remove the extra long hairs of the beard. Don't make it look botchy. If you are adopting a particular beard style like the French cut, then a beard trimmer can help you get a crafted square or round border for the beard. It will also give you a good control over maintaining a constant hair length of all the hair on the beard. Always start from the border of the beard and gradually trim in the internal areas.

These were some of the beard growing tips that you can include in your daily life and get a great look for yourself.

3 Tips


Facial hair and the hair on our heads are not quite the same for a number of reasons. If you or your significant other has shaved in the past, chances are that the facial is much coarser. So when we are attempting to grow or keep a beard – the inevitable itchiness, dryness, redness will occur and when we scratch our beards we not only end up causing pain to relieve that itch but we also mess up the beard hair.

There's a much simpler way – just remember to follow the three cardinal rules of beard grooming and you will be on your way to a good beard day, everyday.

First and foremost when you take a shower in the morning, use a good beard shampoo or a mild beard soap to wash your beard. Ideally you want some natural good oils or aloe vera or lime – these products are good and cleaning up the dirt and buildup on your facial hair and skin pores. If you avoid this first step you'll only be setting yourself up for more itchiness later on. Rub in a small amount gently working your way to the tips and the roots of your facial hair – whether its new growth or whether you've had a beard for ten years. Just massage with the tips of your fingers as gently as you can. Wash as you would normally and that's the first step.

Second – while your beard hair is still wet – use a towel to gently work your way downwards. Don't go upwards otherwise you'll get it all frazzled up. Go down not up – work with gravity. While your facial hair is still a bit damp, use a beard comb or if you need to detangle (if you have a larger beard) – then use a wide-toothed comb first, because a narrow-toothed comb will pull on your tangles. Again just, like the towel, you are combing downwards, as gently and smoothly as possible.

The third step is to use a good leave-in beard conditioner either as an oil or a wax form, to give you a nice hold for the day. Never use a lot – just a little and then just comb again. This third step is very important because an oil such jojoba or olive is really good to reduce itching and scratching – and it will work to reduce beard dandruff.


Proper Male Grooming

Proper grooming is very essential for males as well a females. This kind of grooming can help to create a very good impression about a person and help him in his professional career greatly. If you observe carefully at successful people in different fields such as films, entertainment, sports, business or politics, you will find that they are well groomed, as well as well behaved. Grooming does not mean that you have to make use of expensive male grooming products or male grooming kits. By following simple rules of staying clean and tidy, you will definitely look well, and attract a lot of attention. Before we move on to the male grooming tips, we also need to understand that these tips can prove helpful for all men, whether tall, short, handsome or ordinary looking. Just because you are good looking and tall does not mean that you do not need to be well groomed. Now, go through the male grooming tips for your own advantage.

Important Male Grooming Tips

Here are the vital male grooming tips which will help you throughout your life:

  • All men should realize that taking care of their skin is important to look good, The male skin, in general, is rough and hence you should apply some creams meant especially for men, only after consulting your doctor. This will help you to look fresh every time you are with people, and even otherwise
  • Taking good care of your hair is the second male grooming tips which you should remember. You need to cut your hair at regular intervals, comb them well and avoid applying too much hair creams as these can cause hair loss. A hair cut that suits your face will help you to look decent in professional settings
  • It has been observed that men who have a balanced diet and have an intake of all essential foods, vitamins and minerals have good hair as compared to those who eat unhealthy food. So, to have good hair, always eat hygienic food and food stuffs that are good for your health. Consulting a nutritionist, for the same, is not a bad idea at all
  • A clean shaven look with a sense of style and fashion will help you to earn the tag of a well groomed person in office. Personal hygieneshould be an important part of your life
  • You can take help from your elders or friends regarding personal hygiene tips that should be followed. Take a bath every day which will make you look fresh and good all the time. The clothes you wear also matter a lot and hence, you should wear clean clothes in public places
  • Make use of deodorants or perfumes which do not have a very strong odor. A full sleeves shirt, black trousers and a necktie is the perfect dressing style for a professional meeting
  • In order to be a well groomed person, you need to look fit and fine. So, the male grooming tips must consist of the word exercise. You should exercise regularly to keep yourself fit and look great. With exercises such as jogging or gym workouts, you will be able to loose extra weight which you may have put on, and this will have a positive effect on your personality
  • Apart from these instructions, the way you talk to people, behave in public, also matters a lot. You need to learn speaking skills and politeness which cannot be learnt in a single day. So, the best thing is to observe how other people behave and try to inculcate those qualities or habits in yourself

By following all these male grooming tips, you will be an attention grabber and get respect wherever you go. So, change your habits for a promising future. All the best!


Men have many options when it comes to facial hair styles, such as the moustache, the beard, the



The moustache has been around as a men's facial hair style for centuries, but it remains a timeless look with a plethora of variations.Young men, between the ages of 18 and 35, generally do not look good with a bushy moustache.A big, bushy moustache will make you look too stern and gruff for your age.Instead, go with a neatly groomed moustache that does not extend any longer than the corners of your mouth.Make sure that you trim your moustache so that the hair does not fall over your upper lip.If you are older, a moustache can help to hide your thinning lips (it's just a fact of life): let the hair fall just slightly over the top of the upper lip to create an allusion that your lip is fuller than it is.While a bushier moustache is more appropriate for older men than young men, even older gentlemen should avoid too much bushiness because it could cause you to look like a mad scientist.A good rule to follow when trimming a moustache is to follow the natural curve of your top lip – every mouth is different, and you want your moustache to match your face.If you are seeking a more unique style, you may want to give yourself a thinner moustache or a moustache that flares up over the corners of your lips.





Shaggy from Scooby-Doo started a fabulous facial hair trend that is perfect for laid-back guys who want to rock a hippy style.Be warned: if you work in a typical office setting, this facial hair style is unlikely to be well-received by your boss.However, if you are a student, artist, musician, or something else of that nature, this is a great look to try out – and you certainly don't need to be a stylist to create this look.All you have to do is let your facial hair grow out on your chin in a patch that is about the size of the bottom of your chin.You can keep it short or let it grow long depending on your tastes.The Shaggy chin patch is a really fun and youthful facial hair style to try out if your lifestyle allows for alternative looks.



By definition, a beard is a facial hair style that extends from one sideburn to the other, so that the head of hair essentially forms a helmet around the head.Within these parameters, there are myriad beard styles to consider.A full beard, like the kind you would picture on Santa Claus, is not a facial hair style that works for everyone.Young men with full beards like this will inevitably look about a decade older, and that generally isn't desirable.They can also make some men look intimidating and cold.You really need to remember to smile when you have a full beard or you will be very unapproachable, especially if you are younger than forty.Older gentlemen have a better chance of pulling off this look so that it projects an image of masculinity and brawn.If you want a beard but you don't want to cover you face as much as you would with a full beard, grow your facial hair so that it is about ¼ inch long.This way, your facial features will not be completely masked by your beard.If you work in a professional environment and you want a beard, you should definitely opt for a short one.


A goatee is a cross between a miniature beard and a moustache.It is essentially a circle of facial hair that wraps over your lip, around your mouth, and across your chin.If you aren't confident with your shaving skills, grow out your facial hair to the length that you want your goatee to be and then go to a hair stylist to get your first goatee. Ask your stylist to show you the easiest and most effective way to create the look.The goatee is a great style for all ages, and it is a classy, smart, and manly look"¦ and it is one of the favorites for women!Every man should try out a goatee look at least once!



If you want facial hair, but you don't feel comfortable with a beard or moustache style, you should give sideburns a try.Young men look particularly attractive with sideburns, and any man with high cheek bones will look very striking with this style.Experiment with different lengths and styles for your sideburns – you could have them stretch down just past your ear, or you could let them shoot almost to your chin.The ends of your sideburns can either be squared-off or pointed.Generally, men with pointier chins look better with pointed sideburns, and men with more square-shaped chins look better with squared-off sideburns.


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