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Andis Professional Outliner II

Andis Professional Outliner II Review

#1 Best Selling Beard Trimmer
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Andis Professional Outliner II Review

The Andis Professional Outliner I I is the best beard trimmer … used by professional barbers

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Perfect for all-around outlining and fading

Equipped with extremely close-cutting blade for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears

Controured housing with high-speed motor

Ideal for dry shaving

Used By Professionals

Great Price


Product Description

Andis Professional 04603 Outliner Ii Personal Trimmer is Fully tempered pre-set super fine tooth blades never nip or scratch, lets you dry shave smooth, clean and neat. The Outliner II Trimmer is the perfect all purpose powerful styling tool for trimming and shaping the latest hairstyles. Runs cool and quiet. With narrow blade. Ideal for trimming necks,beards, mustaches and edging around ears.


Customer Testimonials

I've only had this trimmer for a month but it has been great to use so far. I'm an amateur barber who hasn't been cutting hair for a long time but this trimmer does everything that I expected it to. Using it is a lot better than using my clippers to do linings, which is what I had been doing before I made this purchase. It is a great tool for making lines and curves when cutting hair.

– John Shanks

This was a christmas gift for my son. I didn't know if this was a good brand or not. But, when my son opened his gift, he was so impressed that i got a really good set of trimmer. I'm not familiar with brands of trimmers, but, my son told me that these trimmer are fabulous. They are really sharp, so be quick and careful when trimming around your ears and/or neck. These trimmer do a professional job. I would highly recommend this product.

– Timothy Henderson

I bought this to replace an older Oster trimmer. THis trimmer was a good choice. It trims cleanly and, even better, it is quiet. Recommended highly.

– Bill Heder

I cannot comment on the life of these clippers as I have just purchased my set not a week ago. 

I can, however, comment on the quality of the cut. I have extremely sensitive skin and have had to endure the shadow look on my face for a few years as I have left the razor behind and moved to beard and mustache trimmers, but none of them have been able to get as close to a razor as the Andis T-Outliner has. I use it on my head and face and people have begun to doubt my sensitive skin excuse as the quality of the cut looks to be of razor quality. I also dont have to worry about the bumps that would normally appear when a cut is this close. 

I have already purchased another set of these as they were on sale as well as some machine oil. NEVER FORGET TO OIL YOUR CLIPPERS. The fate of my beard and mustache trimmers was grim because I didnt oil them as regularly as I should have. I am glad for it now, but imagine how much longer than 4yrs they would have lasted if I had taken proper care of them.

– Jesse Brown

I have owned these clippers for nearly a year. They cut just as precisely now as they did when I bought them new. The wide blade is very nice and requires less strokes. I use these clippers about once a week to clean up my fade/blowout. They cut really thin, as thin as the barbers, only they will not cut razor thin. I have yet to see anything that does cut razor thin besides a razor. These clippers are the closest you can get to a barber chair for your home. I am so sold on the quality of this brand/line that I just purchased the "Improved Master Clippers" to accompany my "T-Outliner". It set me back a hundred bucks but if it is at all like the T-outliner than I will be extremely happy. You get what you pay for and oh yes, don't forget to keep them oiled! 

– Levi Brodland

i bought these trimmers a couple of weeks ago, and compared to everything else ive used on my face for a close cut, these definitely are the best. especially for the mustache and outlining the forehead and neck.

– Sam Hudson

First off Im a barber student ive use every trimmer out there. This trimmer doesn't get hot like other trimmers because it has a rotary motor the blades are detachable so it is easy to clean out the hair. Its more powerful then the wahl detailer and its lighter. The only trimer that comes close is the styliner m3 which is a lot heaver and bigger.

– Kendall Hammond

I've been using trimmers for over 10 years. I started with battery-powered ones, moved up to good rechargables (2 Wahls) and was pleased well enough–until I got the Andis. 

Wow! The difference between this and all my previous trimmers is the difference between a tool and toys. The Andis is much more powerful, yet surprisingly quieter. It trims more closely: I used the Wahl, and then this immediately after in order to compare them. The Andis gave me a still closer trim, with absolutely no irritation. The shape of the cutter, slender and extended, makes for extreme precision, and you can get to places you can't with other trimmers. The cord is no problem: after all, where will you use it? 

The Andis is clearly built to last under professional use. It's the real deal: great performance at a great price. It saves me time and, in the long run, will save money too (all the batteries, even rechargables, only last so long). 

If you care about your grooming, just get it: you'll be delighted!

– Jamie Friesen

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